Mia's Picks

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A brutally honest, quite graphic, and very contemporary take on relationships and the secrets of our past. A couple decides to write their memoirs of past relationships and read them to one another to pass time on their ski trip. White has an unusual style of writing and even manages to insert himself as a character in this novel about human sexuality, beauty, and aging

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Cleo and Frank meet, get married, and they live…happily ever after? This novel captured me from the first page. The reader follows this new couple and those close to their lives, running around New York City and dealing with sexuality, mental illness, art, and alcoholism. Mellors writes characters that are lovable and hate-able all at the same time. A edgy, wonderful, and very contemporary romance novel.

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A heart rushes to judge itself. A heart should have better things to do.” My copy of this book is filled with post-it notes marking my favorite quotes- Heti’s words will certainly stay with me forever. Pure Color abstractly follows the life of Mira, a simple woman who loves her father. This artistically-written book reads almost as a philosophical work, provoking personal reflection on every single page, and giving the reader reminders to warmly embrace the simplest things in life.

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The beautifully haunting story of a serial killer told through the perspectives of women in his life. Ansel Packer will be executed in 24 hours, and this novel is a reflection of his life from the moment he is born to the moment he is set to die. Kukafka stunning writing manages to create empathy for a killer, while celebrating and lifting up the women that he has affected. This is not your typical novel about a serial killer- this is a critique on society’s glorification of true crime!


A beautifully haunting tale of two women centuries apart, yet so closely connected. Augusta gets a job at the historical Harlowe house in MA and discovers the mysterious story of Margaret, the concealed daughter of the Harlowe family. The spirit of Margaret guides Augusta to uncover the secrets of her life. Thread together with love, betrayal, and magic, this story highlights female empowerment that speaks through centuries.


Andrea Zanatelli, Foreword by Florence Welch Italian artist Andrea Zanatelli combines his digital embroidery artwork with classical poetry about love. Each piece of art is in conversation with its neighboring poem. This gorgeous book is a wonderful addition to your shelf.


The perfect gift for a book and/or art lover! Filled with artwork from around the world, each piece depicts someone enjoying a book, sitting in their study, or teaching others. A really great collection showing how books have impacted our lives for centuries.


Travel back to Victorian England and follow detective Bridie Devine’s search for a kidnapped child who has supernatural abilities. This story is truly whimsical and mysterious, mixing light and humor into the darkness of the plot. Kidd’s playful & descriptive writing has you imagining the grim, dirty, dangerous streets of London as her and her motley crew of friends (including a ghost covered in tattoos) uncover this mystery.


Witches & time travel & metal music, oh my! Dive into the narrator’s life as she professes her intense hatred for, well, pretty much everything. Snippets from her past - from film school, the metal music scene, and practicing witchcraft, are the building blocks of the book. My favorite thing about this novel is how the narrator addresses the reader personally so you feel like you are involved in this twisted, cynical story. If art, music, feminism, and horror are your thing, this is your book!


I finished this book in a single day, I didn’t want to put it down! Thread together with the backstory of Elle’s childhood and young adulthood, we follow her journey as a middle-aged woman and her decision to either break apart her marriage to be with her childhood sweetheart or keep her family together. This book makes you fall in love with both of the men in Elle’s life, and feel just as torn about who she should choose. Two loves, two great loves- but only one decision.


A hot pink book about art from around the world - what more could anyone want? From ancient times to present day, this book gives readers a look at some famous and not-so-famous works of art from around the globe. A super fun introduction to art!


We can all view a piece of art and appreciate its beauty or style, but we never really know what the painting actually means or the artist’s true intentions. Maybe we miss details that can tell us so much about the work of art; why it was made, the social or political climate of the time period, or symbols with hidden meanings. This book does a deep dive into 100 paintings, and makes you look a little closer as the authors uncover details and meanings you may have missed before.


“MAP PIECE Draw a map to get lost. 1964 spring” As an early example of conceptual art, Yoko Ono gives us a book of “instructional poems” that continue to stretch the bounds of art and performance. This book gives us a glimpse into Yoko’s thoughts, artistic process, and humor. This collection of poems makes me want to get up and create something myself, which was Yoko’s intention- to inspire.


Caitlin Doughty is an honest and funny mortician that is working to break down the walls of discomfort about death in America. From Here to Eternity explores death practices in cultures from around the world, where death is a part of daily life, as a critique of the American funeral industry and our own death practices that keep us as far from the deceased as possible. This book shows how the rest of the world views death and how loved ones are celebrated by their communities.