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Kelsey's Picks


Ruthie has been living and working in a retirement community for so many years that she’s beginning to act more like a resident than the young 20-something that she is. But when the owner’s son Teddy, with his luscious locks and tattoos, rides up on his motorcycle, Ruthie knows that she’s in trouble. This romance is cute, different, and a lot of fun to read!

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Unique and thought-provoking, Bluets is a collection of vignettes about love, loss, and suffering through the lens of the color blue.

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Darrow is a Red, the lowest ranking color in his society’s caste system. But when he finds out that the world he’s always known isn’t exactly as it seems, it’s up to him to transform into a Gold, infiltrate the upper class, and take down the corrupt system from within. Red Rising is the start of a dystopian fantasy series full of rich world-building, interesting characters, and enough twists and turns to keep you enthralled.

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When Vanessa’s high school teacher and first love is accused of sexual abuse by a former student, she’s forced to reexamine the most important relationship of her formative years. Is it possible that what she thought was a consensual, loving relationship, was in truth something far more sinister? A Lolita story told from the victim’s point of view, My Dark Vanessa is a harrowing tale guaranteed to make you think.

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This story follows Inti, a biologist who is spearheading a wolf reintroduction program meant to revive the declining ecosystem in the Scottish Highlands. Though she cares deeply about the wolves and their survival, she is met with a great deal of opposition from the locals. At its core, this book is about violence and the role that it plays in our relationships- both with the wildlife around us and with each other as humans.

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A heavy and heartbreaking story about a man who struggles to reconcile his negative self image with the positive way he’s seen by his loved ones. This book will emotionally destroy you in the best possible way. It’s simply the most impactful book I’ve ever read.

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