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The Grand Cheese Giveaway Bundle

The Grand Cheese Giveaway Bundle


Book 2 in the Farlee and Friends series!

This book consists of three short chapters and is intended to be read aloud.

Farlee, an Airedale terrier, and Cornelius, a tiny, orphaned field mouse, are becoming the best of friends after meeting unexpectedly. Cornelius, who spent most of his life alone in the forest, is enjoying all the comforts of a proper home beneath the stairs at Farlee's house. There is just one problem: Farlee’s mom is terrified of mice—and she nearly spotted Cornelius during one of his late-night visits to the kitchen! After Cornelius decides to lock himself away in the safety of his mouse house, Farlee begins to miss his new friend, and devises a plan to tempt him out with a delicious cheese sandwich. One sandwich leads to many more—and to unforeseen adventures with some very fancy new friends!

This Book Teaches:


6x6" Hardcover Book / 55 pages

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