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Rae's Picks

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This memoir gets to the core of the roots of trauma + how + why we become who we are especially when it means leaving where we came from. Set against the backdrop of The Troubles in Northern Ireland, not only do you get a true understanding of Broderick's childhood + the reasons for his subsequent struggles as an adult but that of a country torn apart by tension + violence that still exists today.

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I read this as a teenager +, even at such a young age, I could understand the strength + significance of what Jemima encountered + experienced as a woman in a bigger body.

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This play reads like a novel. It's a doozy in that it really goes there in its frank + brutal portrayal of the experiences + truths across three generations of a deeply dysfunctional family. It's both hilarious + heart-breaking in its honesty + familiarity.

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Babar + yoga. What else do I need to say?

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This tiny book is such a spiritual powerhouse. I highly recommend keeping it on your bedside table or in your bag when you need a boost + a reminder that you are amazing. It also makes a great gift.

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Whether you lead in a boardroom, a yoga class or a household, Brene gives you tangible nuggets of wisdom to incorporate into your daily life. Her work is based on years + years of research + professional experience + sets her apart from a lot of the "self-help" books she's often lumped in with. Brene is in an arena of her own.

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This book is unforgettable. It's an off-the-beaten-path read for any Dylan fan + a much deeper dive into his relationship with Joan Baez, as well as her sister + her husband, + how their relationships shaped the creative scene of Greenwich Village in the 60s.

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Written by The Boss himself, this autobiography gives you an honest + raw glimpse into the man (most often through stories of his childhood) behind the rock legend. Like his lyrics, the book is pure poetry. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook, too, as his narration adds an extra layer of depth to his words.

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I first read this in college +, each time I return to it, I find something new. It's timeless, thought-provoking + just as discussion-worthy as it was upon its debut back in the 50s.

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